George Haworth

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2013 to 2016: Goldsmiths University

MSc Computing (Pass with Distinction)
An outstanding course which blends computer science theory with practical application through creative projects. Through the course I have gained practical experience with the following programming languages and technologies:

For my final project I developed a hardware device used to analyse an audio signal for frequency and amplitude data. This data was then used to generate analogue voltages for real-time control of an algorithmic reverberation effect unit; to create a responsive reverb. The full report for my final project, including complete source code can be found here. This project involved programming an AVR microcontroller in C to read the outputs of phase-locked loop and graphic equaliser circuits that were used to detect frequency and amplitude data, then to dynamically map these inputs to control voltage outputs in a manner determined by the user. Through researching audio effect technologies for this project I became aware of the potential for using FPGAs for audio analysis and effect processing. This self-directed project required me to show a strong work ethic, be self-motivated, and take the initiative in finding the knowledge required throughout the process.

Other interesting projects include creating a sample-based software emulation of a hardware drum machine using a combination of Max for the sample sequencing, and C++ to create the GUI. I also hacked a vinyl turntable, embedding an Arduino and Raspberry Pi to generate I Ching predictions, full documentation, including complete source code for some of my projects can be found here. The critical approach fostered at Goldsmiths required me to pay great attention to not just the technical details of the project, but also to constantly critique my work process.

I also recently attended the 2016 JUCE Audio Developer Conference held at Goldsmiths, this was an opportunity to gain insights and learn from the best audio developers in the world.

2001 to 2004: Loughborough University

BSc (Hons) Mathematics (2:1)
This degree was a great opportunity to develop my quantitative/analytical skills and ability to assimilate abstract ideas. As a result of taking this degree I am very comfortable with data processing and interpretation. In studying an unforgiving quantitative discipline, I was forced to develop the ability to communicate ideas clearly and thoroughly both verbally and in writing.

Summer 2002: London School of Economics

Macroeconomics Summer School Course
A university level module condensed into an intensive summer course. The course took both a short and a long-term view of the economy, it helped me understand developments in macroeconomics using graphic analysis and algebra.

2001 to 2004: Loughborough University

Science and Engineering Foundation Year
A rigorous grounding in Mathematics, Physics, Design and Engineering.

Current Projects

Modular Sequencer

Since graduation I have been developing a novel idea for trigger sequencer module for modular synthesiers. The design allows for the sequencing of non-quantised events and the possibility of complex generative patterns. I am currently in the stage of optimising the PCB layout and routing. I am looking to bring the idea to the market in the foreseeable future.

Customisable FPGA Based Audio Effect Unit

I would like to create a customisable audio processor based around an FPGA core. To realise this I need to learn how to create VHDL/Verilog equivalents of various audio analysis and processing elements, I am currently in the process of learning VHDL via online courses. These elements could then be combined in a customisable way within a Max/Pure Data style patching environment. This would give users an accessible way create their own unique effects, taking advantage of the low latencies and high parallelism of FPGAs.

Work Experience

International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Technical Collaborator - London, England - Summer 2014

I collaborated with artists and other technologists to produce a piece for the 14th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression at Goldsmiths University. This project involved installing and programming AVR microcontrollers connected to accelerometers, gyroscopes, and GPS units on bicycles with speakers attached, to turn a bicycle into a musical instrument. More information is here.

Kagyu Samye Dzong London / Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery

Building Work - London, England / Eskdalemuir, Scotland - 2010 to 2013

In this voluntary role I worked on various projects, including; the renovation of a public library in London into a Tibetan Buddhist temple, Kagyu Samye Dzong London, construction of two eco-houses in a retreat on an island off the west coast of Scotland, paving a large courtyard in sandstone blocks at the Samye Ling Monastery.

Beauchamp - Linedata Services (BFT) Ltd

Release Analyst / Systems Administrator - London, England - 2005 to 2008

During my time here I gained an insight into working in a large software development team providing real-time portfolio management, data processing and analysis software for the hedge fund industry.

Weightlifting, Sequencing Beats, Soldering Electronic Circuits, Welding, Reading.

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